Wars are fought for oil

 Different roles have been defined for different people in his trading game!

From emerging powers like China, which threatens America's hegemony to those who are opposed with his ambitious policies. All this reflects the play of the United States to maintain global dominance, different behaviours that appear in different parts of the world. Behaviours to buy time with the goal of achieving global power through the highest level of energy.


Professor Dr. Hamid Doost Mohammadian as an expert for Blue-Green Cultural Sustainability and International Management believes that there are some points behind the curtain!

Some possibilities occur based upon the recent decision by Trump to throw away an international agreement:

1. Forcing isolation upon a country is obviously detrimental to the people of that country - effectively the people he claims to want to protect. It also has dangers for peace in the region and the world.

2. International harmony depends upon countries reaching agreement with each other and being able to trust each other to keep their word and stick to their commitments. So unilateral cancellation of an agreement does not engender this trust and harmony. This is not thefirstinstance of such behaviour!

3. Behavioural economy, Americans' logic is simple: If you help our economic we won’t boycott you!

· Behavioral economy

Americans' logic is simple:‘’If you help our economic we won’t boycott you!’’

Sound so cliché. Oil is the leading cause of a war.But it’s not as simple as countries invading each other for natural resources, that s happened plenty.

The real power though is in what is used to pay for oil and what happens when whatever is used to pay changes to another form of payment

· Invasions

· Occupation

· Toppling

I can go on but I won’tbecause there’s something less cliché and definitely not a coincidence that ties it all together.

1) In 2000, Iraq insisted on dumping the dollar

2) In 2003, it was invaded, next was Libya‘s move toward.

3) An African gold-based currency

4) Invaded

5) Technically by NATO

6) And the rebels getting help from the U.S. and NATO, actually setup their own central bank just weeks after the uprising began.

7) They didn’t even have a government in place.

8) But in the middle of a brutal war banking was a top priority.

9) Next!

10) Syria oh, you didn’t think it was this obvious?

11) Obvious?

12) It’s thisobvious.

13) 2006: Syria dropped the dollar as its foreign currency to euros.

14) You see where I’m going with this?

15) ExactlyIran!

16) April 2018: Tehran flipped the switch on the dollar

17) Iran switches from dollar to Euro for official reporting currency

18) Cue the troops!

19) President of Israel said: Iran lied

20) Trump said: This Iranian promise was a lie

21) Medias: This is proof that Iran has lied, - Yep, they prepare to cheat, - Iran is lying

22) It’s almost like they’re hoping it’s so obvious that it obviously can’t be that simple cliché.

· Strategies towards: Donald Trump's aggressive strategies

1. Pressure to Iran and maybe try to make a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia

2. Lack of oil and gas in the world

3. Growing up the price of oil and gas

4. Best for USA and Canada to do the expensive procedure to produce the Oil sands[1]

5. If we look at the history of agreements between the US and North Korea and also history of the US breaking international agreements we can see some wonderful results:

5.1. Signing international agreement and breaking down is a strategy to get benefit e.g. US, European Union and Iran has signed an agreement for Iran nuclear matter and with this strategy US could slow and then stop the nuclear issue in Iran and after sometimes US started the next step of their strategy to put more pressure to Iran because of other excuses and also break the agreement because US doesn’t want Iran has power in the middle east and also.

5.2. Another reason is Israel and as I said before putting the oil and gas price up and then this is good for country like USA to cover the expensive procedure to produce the Oil sands

5.3. The agreement was like a stop maker to put Iran in the loop to kill the opportunities

5.4. US has enough time to invest for huge energy companies to Oil sands and then in the next step US can break the agreement with Iran and force the huge energy companies to stop their cooperation with Iran and then US can start the energy project there and boycott Iran e.g. TOTAL to apply for waiver if US withdraws from Iran deal[2]

5.5. European Union (EU) has 800 billion dollar export to US and 30 billion dollar to Iran then …. And also USA put the European Union under the pressure if you want to cooperate with Iran then forget US dollar and US Banks.

5.6. Since 30 years ago Donald Trump Donald has been using the Tramp's aggressive strategies

5.7. Only energy companies could make contract with Iran and also they left Iran now and the thing is they have all information about Iran energy sector especially south pars and sell these information to Qatar as a competitor.

5.8. Iran will lose the security and economic focus


· Buying time to reach the highest level of hegemony by energy

Until the American Energy Revolution, the Trump government will specifically attempt to undermine the OPEC system under any circumstances or to collapse. In this situation, there may be a fluctuation in oil prices or high market shocks.

The White House's divergent approach to international alliances and commitments that was criticized internally and internationally over the past year is part of a US strategy that is expected to continue for at least the next three years. The withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific pact and the Paris pact is part of the blatant commitment that the US President has been pointing to and supporting in defining its national security strategy.

the main pillars of his country's foreign policy strategy; lay on torture in the field of foreign policy from Pakistan, Iran and North Korea to Russia and China .and The National Security Strategy is about four pillars Protecting the homeland, protecting the welfare and security of the US economy, guaranteeing peace through power and expanding US influence in the world.

Iran and North Korea were at the center of Tramp policy and its national security strategy.
After the arrival of the newly-elected president, much effort has been made to bring these two countries to the front, while the world is aware of the difference in the multi-purpose objectives pursued by the United States. America's approach to Arab countries and the sale of its weapons to these countries are among the goals of the anti-Iran policy of Washington. Meanwhile, there is a more serious presence in the Middle East with such a move. Tensions with North Korea are needed to justify US presence in the Southeast Asia and, with support from their allies, like South Korea and Japan, they will face the global development of China as their most powerful rival.

[1]Oil sands, also known as tar sandsor crude bitumen, or more technically bituminous sands, are a type of unconventional petroleum deposit. Oil sands are either loose sands or partially consolidated sandstone containing a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay, and water, saturated with a dense and extremely viscous form of petroleum technically referred to as bitumen (or colloquially as tar due to its superficially similar appearance).

Natural bitumen deposits are reported in many countries, but in particular are found in extremely large quantities in Canada.Other large reserves are located in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Venezuela. The estimated worldwide deposits of oil are more than 2 trillion barrels (320 billion cubic metres);the estimates include deposits that have not been discovered. Proven reserves of bitumen contain approximately 100 billion barrels, and total natural bitumen reserves are estimated at 249.67 Gbbl (39.694×109 m3) worldwide, of which 176.8 Gbbl (28.11×109 m3), or 70.8%, are in Alberta, Canada.

[2]TOTALhas to comes out of the agreement (1 billion dollar with Iran) because Total has 10 billion dollar with US



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